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Deeply moved he embraced the pastor in whom he recognized a dear comrade from his student days. The city was spared and the inhabitants were given provision. See also notes in Vol. It was also printed in her Chorale Book for England, Doch will ich nicht verzagen. Die werden mich erhalten. Ich bin ein Glied an deinem Leib,. In Todesnot und Schmerzen. Mit deinem Tod erworben. Weil du vom Tod erstanden bist,. Todsfurcht kann sie vertreiben;. Kein Mensch kann mich aufwecken. Denn Jesus Christus, Gottes Sohn,. Originally this hymn by Nikolaus Herman, which many consider his masterpiece, was in four stanzas and appeared in his Historien von der Sindtflut, etc.

Turbabor, sed non perturbabor,. Quia vulnerum Christi recordabor. Later, by combining this hymn with another by the same author and adding two stanzas by an unknown author, it was expanded to eleven stanzas.

Die Frau ohne Schatten

One of the added stanzas became Stanza 5 when this hymn was taken up in the Leipzig Gesang-Buch, In this form the hymn has since generally been used. This text was a revision of her version in her Chorale Book for England, The hymn was published in Wittenberg in Bible references: 1st stanza, Job , 2 Timothy , Psalm ; 2nd stanza, Psalm ; 3rd stanza, 1 Corinthians , Ephesians , John The English translation is by R. Massie, , somewhat altered here.

It has been revised by Landstad. O mein Herr Jesu Christ,. So lass mich wohl bedenken,.

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Wie du gestorben bist. Und alle meine Schuldenlast. Auf dich genommen hast! O Wunder ohne Massen,. Es hat sich martern lassen. Es hat sich selbst der wahre Gott.

Gegeben in den Tod. Was kann mir denn nun schaden. Ich bin bei Gott in Gnaden,. Die Schuld ist allzumal. Bezahlt durch Christi teures Blut,.

Jetzt und mein Leben lang. O Jesu, Lob und Dank,.

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Justus Gesenius first published this warm and deeply moving hymn for Lent in the Hannover Gesang Buch, , in eight stanzas. The omitted stanzas, 5 to 8, read in translation:.

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Then let Thy woes, Thy patience,. My heart with strength inspire. To vanquish all temptations,. And spurn all low desire;. This thought I fain would cherish most—. To Thee, O Savior, cost! The cross here on me laid;. Be shame or want my guerdon,. Give patience, give me strength to take. Thee for my bright example,. And all the world forsake. And let me do to others.

As Thou hast done to me,. Love all men as my brothers,. And serve them willinegly,. With ready heart, nor seek my own,. But as Thou, Lord, hast helped us,. From purest love alone. And let Thy cross upbear me. With strength when I depart;. Tell me that naught can tear me.

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But since my trust is in Thy grace. Thou wilt accept me yonder,. Where I shall see Thy face. It was published in the Hannover Gesangbuch, , and included in J. William Mercer, M.

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Translated into Danish by I;. Rostgaard, Justus Gesenius, D. He studied at the universities of Helmstedt and Jena, receiving the degree of master of arts at the latter institution, In he became pastor of the church of St. He died at Hannover September 18, Gesenius was an accomplished and influential theologian, a famous preacher, and distinguished himself by his efforts to further the catechetical instruction of children in his district. Together with D. Denicke he edited The Hannoverian Hymn Books of It has been rendered into Latin by C.

Naar Synderen ret ser sin Vaade,. Og Jesus kommer med sin Naade. Da slukkes Sorgen salig ud,. Naar Jesus kommer ind i Huset. Har alle Hjerter gjennemsuset,. Da blir der stille, lyst og mildt,.