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Talk with a friend or family member about what it might have been liked to have been trapped inside the mission. Important historical events like the Battle of the Alamo seem larger than life, but they depended upon the very real lives of the people who were there. To learn more about the people behind the legend of the Alamo, visit the Defenders List page of the Alamo's official website. Did you get it? Test your knowledge. What are you wondering?

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Ask yourself, "Does my comment relate to this Wonder of the Day? Please do not post usernames for gaming platforms, YouTube, etc. Our privacy policy is to delete those comments to protect our users that's you! Your Name. Your Email. Your Comment. Related Wonders for You to Explore Match its definition: the quality of having a superior or more favorable position. Word Match Congratulations! What is no doubt true about the Alamo is that the defenders fought bravely and fiercely, with almost all of them fighting to the absolute bitter end. After besieging the fort for thirteen days, the two-thousand strong Mexican army commenced their attack at around 5 am on March 6, The first waves of attackers were repelled with cannons and musket fire which exacted a heavy toll.

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Yet there was only so much the heavily-outnumbered defenders could do. Colonel Travis was killed early in the fighting. A short while later, the first wave of attackers managed to breach the walls and Mexican troops got inside the fort. They began a desperate hand-to-hand fight and the defenders were beaten back into the chapel where they made a valiant last stand.

Davy Crockett, despite what the myths of the battle say, may have survived and been one of the six captured defenders who were later executed. Despite the myths surrounding the battle that state that either nobody in the Alamo survived or that only one person survived, there were actually 17 to 20 survivors, mostly women, children, or slaves.

Moreover, the number of Mexican dead and wounded has generally been inflated, with modern historians estimating there might have been to Mexican dead as opposed to the oft-claimed dead, plus a further wounded during the thirteen day siege. Finally, the building used as the fort at the Alamo is not the same as the one standing there today. The Alamo garrison had originally been instructed to blow the place up and retreat. Santa Anna did waste the lives of a few hundred of his men in the effort to capture the Alamo, but that was not enough to cripple his invasion effort.

As a condition of his release, Santa Anna signed an agreement recognizing Texan independence, an agreement that, of course, was immediately repudiated when Santa Anna reached Mexico City again. The aim of the Texans was not to remain independent, however, but to join the United States as a new state as soon as possible. Here, the trouble began all over again.

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As a Democrat, Van Buren owed a great deal to the Democratic constituencies of the southern states. Van Buren was also a New Yorker who was less than eager to promote the expansion of slavery and involve the United States in a dispute over a province that was still technically the property of Mexico.

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The panic of only complicated things, because Van Buren was not eager to assume responsibility for the debts the Texans had run up in financing their revolution. Then, in , the presidential election of that year brought a Whig to the presidency for the first time, in the person of William Henry Harrison. Consequently, Texas remained an unwilling but independent republic. Every bill that Clay and the Whig Congress wrote for the pet projects of the Whigs—bills for internal improvements, protectionist tariffs, a new Bank of the United States—were all vetoed by John Tyler.